Blue Flag Beaches in Turkey

As it is known, the Blue Flag is the award given to beaches and marinas that meet certain criteria by the International Environmental Education Foundation (FEE), which is valid in many countries. Turkey is very rich in terms of blue flag beaches. This is one of the methods of choosing a yacht rental location for people who want to rent a yacht or boat in Turkey. There are approximately 500 blue flag beaches in Turkey, which is surrounded by seas on three sides.

In addition, Turkey ranks 3rd among the countries with the highest number of blue flags in the world. These beaches, which you should definitely visit during your blue cruise, will add a completely different pleasure to your holiday with their clean seas and fascinating turquoise tones. In this article, we have listed the most influential blue flag beaches of Turkey, which you should definitely add to your route.

Butterfly Valley

This Valley, which is fully compatible with its name, is connected to the Fethiye district of Mu─čla. There are more than 80 butterfly species and thousands of butterflies in the valley. Butterfly Valley, which is located in the middle of 2 big rocks with a height of 350 meters, is almost isolated from its surroundings with its remarkable geography.

The Valley of the Butterflies, which is known and the center of attention in many countries of the world with its tiger butterfly species as well as many butterfly species, was selected as one of the 100 Mountains in need of protection by the World Heritage Conservation Foundation and was declared a 1st Stage protected area in 1995. Butterfly Valley beach, which is one of the most impressive of our blue flag beaches, is among the places that blue travel visitors frequently prefer in summer. When determining your route, do not forget to include this magnificent region in your plan.

Aquarium Bay, Karaburun

Aquarium Bay is a magnificent public beach that attracts local and foreign tourists every year. Although the length of the beach where you can enter the sea is only 30 meters, the forested green area at the back can also be used by the visitors. As the name suggests, you can watch the colorful fish roaming 10-15 meters deep in the bay, which evokes an aquarium with its sparkling water, and discover the rich underwater world.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach, located in the Mediterranean region, is connected to the Kas district of Antalya. Patara plaque, which is the most preferred for guests planning a holiday in the Mediterranean bays, is one of the few beaches in the world with its 12 kilometers length. At the same time, Patara Beach took its name from the ancient city of Patara, which is located nearby.

The region, which is frequently preferred by windsurfing enthusiasts with its clean and windy sea, has also been the spawning point of Caretta Caretta sea turtles during certain breeding periods of the year. For this reason, you may come across Caretta Caretta eggs or, if you are lucky, their offspring while you are wandering around. Do not hesitate to add Patara Beach, one of our Blue Flag Beaches, to your blue cruise route. Patara beach will take you to the land of fairy tales!.

Kaputas Beach

This beach, which is the mouth of the canyon between two mountains in the middle of Antalya Kas and Kalkan regions, will impress you! It is possible to reach the beach, which fascinates with its turquoise sea as a result of its geographical location and the pouring of underground spring waters into the sea, by land and sea. Those arriving by land channel can reach the beach by descending 187 steps after parking their vehicles on the road. Blue cruise passengers arriving by sea can enjoy this beautiful natural wonder from the sea without any transportation difficulties. We recommend that you add Kaputas, one of the most special beaches of Turkey, to your blue cruise route.

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