How To Charter A Yacht For A Blue Cruise

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A Yacht Charter

A blue cruise can have many options. Therefore, if you are wondering how to rent a yacht or if you want to get information about different yacht charter types, you are at the right place.

A sailing holiday provides ample time to dive between islands, relax on deserted beaches and explore underwater in tropical seas while spending unforgettable moments with your Close ones. This Adventure will relieve all your tiredness! You are in the right place to spend your much needed holiday to be discharged!

Does it sound interesting? Discover how you can charter a yacht for vacation with us.

How does a yacht charter work? Yacht Charter Process

1 Decide where you want to rent

A yacht charter destination depends on what kind of blue cruise you want to spend. Vacation on affordable, unique waters? Or is it an extremely luxurious vacation among tropical islands? There are over 100 destinations around the world for the perfect yacht charter. A few of them are destinations where we, as Resabu Yachting, charter yachts. However, you should know that recently, yacht charter has started to be preferred as Turkey yacht charter.

Although holidaymakers frequently prefer Italy yacht charter, Montenegro yacht charter or Greece yacht charter destinations, Turkey yacht charter has become very popular. If you do not have the slightest idea about yacht charter destinations, you can consider Turkey yacht charter. At the same time, you can count the following destinations among your options;

As Resabu Yachting, we carefully choose our Destinations and Bases;

Close to airports : Our bases are close to major international hubs and our friendly and welcoming base teams can organize transfers for you
Local information: Each destination on our website has useful information to help you prepare, including a local base and a guide to the area.
Discover our exciting destinations .

Blue Cruise

2- Decide which yacht charter type is right for you

Now that you have decided on a Yacht Charter Destination, it’s time to decide what kind of yacht you will charter! Suppose you prefer to charter a yacht in Turkey; If you are wondering how to charter a yacht, you should also decide which charter type is right for you. We offer Turkey Cabin charter and Turkey crewed yacht charter, Turkey bareboat charter, Turkey captained charter services.

Bareboat Charter: If you have sailing experience, you can charter a yacht and sail yourself with our bareboat charter service. You can even sail in one direction from some places. You can even participate in sailing races, which are often held at the beginning of the summer months! This offers a vacation that is both fun and adventurous!

Chartering With Skipper: If you want to have a sailing holiday and cannot sail, you are probably questioning how to charter a yacht. All you have to do is hire a captain who will sail the boat for you with our captained yacht charter service. No sailing experience is required. The captain will set sail on your yacht, take care of your safety, monitor the weather and advise you on your route. It will also allow you to choose the routes you would like to see specifically.

Cabin Charters : Book a cabin with a private bathroom and explore more than 15 great destinations around the world with our hassle-free, organized cruises. All you have to do is rent a cabin and relax. While our experienced captain sails the boat, a professional chef will prepare all your meals for you. This will also be an opportunity for you to make new friends.

Crewed Charter: If you are looking for a luxury, all-inclusive sailing holiday, our crewed charters offer five-star service from a professional crew on our private yachts. Relax with your guests and enjoy a fully personalized experience tailored to your preferences. You don’t need sailing experience, you just need your dream vacation idea.

How To Charter A Yacht For A Blue Cruise

3- Find your dream yacht

It is extremely important for you to find the yacht of your dreams for a cruise. Although yacht charter is quite fun, it will be much more fun to rent your dream yacht. Finding a yacht with the features and price you want is very easy with Resabu Yachting! You can find your dream yacht with us in many parts of the world. Resabu Yachting is priced according to the age, characteristics, destination and season of your cruise of our Yachts. Thus, you can get service with the best price guarantee.

Blue cruise voyage came to your mind all of a sudden and you don’t have time to find a yacht? Then call us right away and request a yacht from our team. Tell us how many people you will be on vacation, which routes you want to take, and your price range. You can choose among the yachts offered by our team!

At the same time, the features that can be found on yachts can be;

  • Yacht Charter with Jacuzzi
  • Yacht Charter with Vegetarian Menu
  • All Inclusive Yacht charter
  • Luxury Yacht Charter
  • Deluxe Yacht Charter
  • Yacht Charter and Water Sports

If you are not experienced in chartering a yacht, you should read our contents. Because yacht charter does not make it possible to meet the forgotten things that come to your mind after sailing. For this reason, you should plan your additional needs that cannot be included in your yacht charter activity;

How To Charter A Yacht For A Blue Cruise

4- Plan your additional needs

When deciding how to charter a yacht for your vacation, remember that there are many things you can do to make your time even more memorable:

Water toys: Talk to us about kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis, bottom wings, water slides, towed inflatables, SEABOBs, Jet Levs and inflatables. Yacht Charter often does not include water sports in yacht charter. However, some toys may be included in the rental if you discuss them before the rental.

Food: You can supply the boat yourself. For example, you can bring alcohol, vegetables, fruits or nuts from outside. If there are foods you are allergic to on the boat menu or foods you do not consume, In this case, it is possible to bring shopping from outside.

Captain: If you can’t sail or want to take a break from sailing, add a captain who can share their local knowledge and sail the boat for you.

Kitchen Team: Most of the time, guests may want to cook their own meals during sailboat charter or motor yacht charter. In that case, say you don’t want a kitchen crew. Or get information about whether there will be a kitchen team. They also know how to spend a holiday. However, you should be sure that if there is a kitchen team, it is possible to have a much more luxurious taste. Fruit plate treats and surprise meals will be waiting for you!

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5- Plan Your Route

Chartering a yacht requires Routes. After our guests decide where to charter a yacht, they can move on to determining the route. For example, if you choose Turkey yacht charter, you can take a look at Turkey yacht charter routes. You Can Also Examine Our Routes –> Turkey Yacht Charter Routes

Decide how you want to spend your time. Do you want to sail, dive, relax and swim anchor or explore on land?

Plan stops if you want to dine or shop at local markets. You don’t want to find that you are in an area with no facilities.

Agree in advance on the highlights to see. You can then maximize your time at anchor and on land with your itinerary.

Consider whether you need to use the marinas. If you must use the marinas, schedule early morning arrivals to ensure you get a dock.

Now that you know exactly how to charter a yacht with us, it’s time to make this dream come true! If you have any questions, please contact our team or head over to our blog for more sailing holiday inspiration.

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Best Yacht Charter Destinations

  • Italy Yacht Charter
  • Turkey Yacht Charter
  • Croatia Yacht Charter
  • Greece Yacht Charter
  • Montenegro Yacht Charter

Best Yacht Charter Options

  • Yacht Charter with Captain
  • Yacht Charter with a Crew
  • Bareboat Rental
  • Cabin Rental
  • Luxury Yacht Charter
  • Deluxe Yacht Charter
  • Private Yacht Charter
  • Weekly Yacht Charter
  • Daily Yacht Charter
  • Hourly Yacht Charter
  • Long Term Yacht Charter
As Resabu Yachting, we offer you Yacht Charter and Yacht Charter services. We are extremely proud to offer the most comfortable yacht charter service to our esteemed guests with the yachts we own in the most preferred countries for yacht chartering in the world. In addition, with our expert staff; Turkey yacht charter Croatia yacht charter Greece yacht charter Italy yacht charter Yacht charter in Montenegro You can take advantage of our services. In addition, our most requested yacht charter locations; Bodrum Yacht Charter Kusadasi Yacht Charter Antalya Yacht Charter Fethiye Yacht Charter Gocek Yacht Charter Alanya Yacht Charter Antalya Yacht Charter Marmaris Yacht Charter Didim Yacht Charter Mugla Yacht Charter Would you like to charter a yacht with a variety suitable for your budget? You can charter yachts in the countries and locations listed above. With this; Luxury Yacht Charter Deluxe Yacht Charter Cheap Yacht Charter All Inclusive Yacht Charter Yacht Charter with Captain Bareboat Yacht Charter Motor Yacht Charter Sailing Charter You can also use a variety of Do not hesitate to get support from our professional team to get more detailed information about all these options. Our team will respond to you 24/7. Our expert team, which has been specially trained for yacht charter service, will assist you in chartering a yacht with the features you want at the prices you want. You can also contact us for free consultation.

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